Online Marketing – Don’t be a Bartleby

Online marketing is a rapidly-evolving new world, and there are subject experts for most of its related topics, initiatives such as digital strategy, social media , search engine optimization and marketing, website design and development, e-commerce, content management systems, etc.  The funny part is that a lot of these are often referred to as acronyms, in conversations that sound like a new and overwhelming alphabet to those of us not ‘in the know’.

While a medium that changes so rapidly and provides so many different channels can seem too challenging to utilize, the reality is that online marketing has an increasing presence that you just can’t ignore.   So I’m going to try enlightening you on some of these topics with a bit of my rudimentary knowledge.   I’ll supplement my information with knowledge from other experts and would love it if you’d send your thoughts as well.  Would you like to be a guest expert?   Send me a note! I’d love to include your experience and knowledge!

To kick things off, I’ll start with some basic insight into online marketing.  You may hear it called e-marketing, i-marketing, web-marketing, or even digital media.  By any moniker, it simply means the marketing of goods and services using the Internet.  Each of its varied components revolves around one key element of the Internet: interactivity.   However, in addition to optimizing interactivity, online marketing is also relatively inexpensive and provides a larger audience-reach for a lower cost.  It allows for easier tracking, testing and measurement of statistics so that companies can adjust their strategies accordingly.  It also integrates campaigns across multiple digital channels including cell phones, email, and direct mail, and it provides small companies the same access to the global marketplace as large international corporations.

It’s a dynamic playing field that offers a wide variety of choices to help build and grow your business.  Try not to be overwhelmed by the newness and the vastness of the opportunities out there:  a Bartleby’s response to the world, “I’d prefer not to” can be quite imprisoning.  Have a quick read of Bartleby, the Scrivener: a Story of Wall Street by Herman Melville, if you don’t believe me.

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