The Right Fit

This August I am lucky enough to be heading off to Wales for my cousin’s wedding. Our entire extended family will be there, looking their best for the occasion. So, I found myself with the task of finding the perfect dress. I actually figured the timing was good – a recession, summer sales early, lots of choices – this really should not take long. After three days, six stores, and thirty-six dresses later, I was burned out. As a last ditch effort on the way home, I walked into a store with a bright pink logo, glaring sale signs and wall-to-wall bargain shoppers. My patience was limited to ten outfits – little black dress (typical), fluorescent green with ostrich frills (surprisingly nice), white spandex one-piece (frightening), etc. Lo and behold, I found a beauty, but it was full price. I gave up on the dress but had to stop at the glittering jewelry counter on the way out. My sales clerk, who I noticed following me, approached saying that the dress was actually part of a special sale with a markdown of 40%! So my lovely, new, soft pink dress is now ensconced in my closet, ready for its August debut.

Okay – you get that I’m a shop-a-holic, but what is the real point of this story? Well, just like there are so many dresses to choose from, there are also many business choices for employees, partners, clients, vendors, etc. This is especially true today – lots of great people looking for work; lots of new companies with clever ideas; lots of everything. Once you decide what you want, it can be overwhelming to wade through all the options. When you do, you may still end up with something that’s not the right fit. Don’t give in! Keep looking – get assistance if you need to. It will be worth the wait. And when you least expect it, you might not only get what you are looking for, but you might also end up with that extra je ne sais quoi.

Happy Hunting!

All my best,


” A misty morning does not mean that it will be a cloudy day. “

Ancient Proverb

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