Investments Maid….

Well it seems life never stops handing you interesting situations to handle, sometimes leaving you with tough decisions to make. My cleaning lady went to visit her family in another country for 6 weeks after Christmas, leaving me with the need for a temporary cleaner. My cleaner and I have been together for over 5 years; we have a good relationship, and over the years I’ve even met her husband and little boy. She has rarely broken anything and comes to work in a somewhat reliable way. Not perfect, but good enough. So I asked around my building and was referred to Mary. Mary cost a little more, but my only other option was a woman who accidently washed my expensive cashmere blanket.

Mary was punctual and began her work immediately. Then to my complete astonishment, she got down on her hands and knees to scrub the floor. She knew which polish to use on which surface and actually intuitively hand washed and hung to dry a few expensive items of clothing. Mary stayed for 6 hours—cleaning every corner until the apartment was perfectly pristine. I have never been so happy. I realized that my expectations had sunk so low over these past few years that I was not getting the value for the money I was paying out. Mary may have cost a little more but the value Mary was giving me was more than 2 fold the increased cost.

This same lesson should be used in marketing—beware of shortcuts that give you immediate short term benefits (more cash) but leave you with more work to do. Also, as hard as it can be after you forge relationships, it’s good to review your vendors annually to make sure you are getting the best deal in these tough times.
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  If by covetousnesse or negligence, one withdraw from them their ordinary foode, he shall be penny wise, and pound foolish. ‘The Historie of Foure-footed Beastes’   
 (1607) Edward Topsell

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