Well green, with a little bit of pink!

 I was walking by a flower shop the other day, when my eyes settled on some perfectly shaped, delicate pink, rosebuds. I had to slow down, even though I was late for my next meeting.  They were beautiful … but sooo pricey – not to mention their unpredictable lifespan and the fact that I’m hardly ever at home. But, despite my rationale, I stopped and picked up the bunch I had been eyeing.  Ahhh …. what a delicious scent; such a rarity these days. I could no longer resist. I purchased them and managed to get to my next meeting more-or-less on time.
The flowers opened beautifully and lasted for one week. Each of those mornings I found myself drawn to the flowers and their scent; they inspired me to slow down and be more observant.  I actually found that it was a different and refreshing way to wake up, and that I was more unassuming and creative about my day ahead. The experience made me realize that even though we work hard and try to be smart about our money, it’s important to step out of our daily routine to expand our horizons. Sometimes the extra investment pays back more in more ways than we realize.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

All my best,


” Don’t forget to smell the roses. ”  
Reisa L. Gerber

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