The Marketing and Sales Partnership

Okay – now I’m reaching way back – to explain a little something about marketing. Do you remember when Carol and Mike got married (yes, I’m talking about the Brady Bunch), and Alice thought she would be out of a job? Think about it – 6 kids, a couple of pets, and no housekeeper?!? Well the Brady’s were the most natural marketers ever – it didn’t take much for them to prove that they definitely needed someone to help them run the household. Of course, Alice thought that person would be Carol. So the next step was for the Brady’s to take a new tack to sell Alice on the idea that she was ‘the one’. Of course Alice stayed on, married Sam the butcher, and they lived happily ever after … well, at least as far as we know … 

And thus our lesson on marketing and sales: Marketing defines a need, and sales makes sure you fill that need. Without the marketing to draw them in, it would be harder to get good prospects or leads; without a good sales strategy and technique to close the deal, there would be no need to generate leads. The bottom line is that it’s a whole lot easier to generate business with a healthy combination of sales and marketing.

It all makes sense, now, doesn’t it?!?  Wishing you a very happy spring with lots of ‘marketing and sales’!
All my best,


  “We never lead with product; we lead with need.”  
  Zig Ziglar

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