Be careful of what you ask for…

I was catching up with a single friend of mine the other day, and after months of ruminating about how hard it was to meet new people, she signed up with an online dating service. She told me she had gotten several promising matches but she really didn’t have the time to go on any dates. Her answer surprised me! Why would someone sign up with a dating service with no time to date?!?
Last month I wrote about the call-to-action piece of your marketing strategy. It was about getting your customer to ‘act’ after reading your marketing message, e.g., meet with you, buy your product online, attend a product demo, etc. And just like my friend’s dating habits, once you’ve administered a call-to-action, you need to be available to handle the response. This means you need to have the time, capacity, and infrastructure to properly react to the resulting inquiries. Otherwise, your call-to-action may do more harm than good!

A few weeks later, I saw my friend again. This time I didn’t get a word in edgewise! Since our get-together, she realized she needed to change her mindset about this online dating: she set aside the time to meet some of her matches. She actually did meet someone really nice, and I don’t think I’ll be seeing much of her in the near future .

So, be careful what you wish for – if you are asking for business, be ready to handle it!

All my best,
“I believe success is preparation, because opportunity is going to knock on your door sooner or later – but are you prepared to answer that? ”

Omar Epps

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