Getting Your Message Heard

Did you know that people need to see a message 4-6 times to realize they have seen it even once?

It is all about consistency – if you want people to hear your message, you have to repeat it numerous times for them to ‘really’ hear it and have it take hold. 

Anyone who watches television is probably familiar with that annoying, yet effective headache product commercial. Yes, they beat you over the head (pun intended) with their message, but we all know it! Repetition and consistency are the essentials.

That’s why I’m being so persistent with you! It’s only now, after the fourth email, that I’m starting to hear from a good number of you. But to be sure you stay tuned, I’m also trying to share some marketing best practices.  Maybe you’ll gain a little something for your professional or personal life.

So remember, if you’re going to repeat something, it better be worth repeating. And if you’re looking for a strong, 30-second elevator speech for your job, company, or idea, feel free to run it by me – I’d be happy to help!

All my best,

“Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.”  

 Elizabeth Arden  

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