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Ani Marketing Service is now part of Impel Digital. We offer the same great service, now with complementary partners for an even better experience! We love to learn about all the great things that you are doing. We are open to having an introductory conversation with some follow-up suggestions for you to grow your market – at absolutely no charge. That way, we both get to learn about each other’s businesses to see if there are any synergies. We look forward to hearing from you – and we promise that this will not be a heavy sales push.


With the release of my new album this year, I looked to Ani Marketing Service to develop a fresh, creatively inspired CD cover. We worked together to create several innovative design prototypes. These designs were not only in step with my musical story, but also reflected a visual portrayal on my personal story. I was especially pleased that the tasteful blend of color, font, and formatting intentionally matched the mood and genre of my music.

Ryland Angel
Ryland Angel Music